At B+M Industrial, we provide various industries with top-quality motor repair and maintenance services. We also offer automation, electrical, pump repair, mechanical maintenance, machining, and crane services. Additionally, we train and employ millwrights. We’ve established three core values through these business sectors to keep us grounded and consistent. We take great pride in providing our clients with quality, knowledge, and experience. To prove our commitment to these values, we’re dissecting the habits that cultivate what we define as quality.

1. Understanding the Importance of Quality:

At B+M Industrial, quality is not just a buzzword but the foundation of our success. We understand that industries cannot afford downtime or compromised performance due to faulty machinery. Therefore, we are committed to providing products and services of the highest standard to ensure the seamless functioning of their systems. Our highly skilled technicians and engineers undergo rigorous training and keep up with industry advancements.


2. Precision and Expertise:


Repairing and maintaining large motors requires expertise, precision, and attention to detail. Our dedicated professionals possess in-depth knowledge and experience handling various sizes and types of electric motors and gearboxes. Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to deliver exceptional results, from diagnosing issues to implementing efficient repair solutions. To ensure swift and effective service, we have assembled a dedicated team of more than 20 field technicians who excel in on-site operations. Additionally, our team includes over 20 repair specialists with the expertise to address all repair requirements efficiently.


3. Quality Assurance and Compliance:


We are acutely aware of the critical nature of industry compliance and safety standards. Our commitment to quality extends beyond providing superior repair services. To demonstrate our expertise, we are privileged to possess esteemed repair certifications from Siemens and ABB for VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) and motors. These reputable accreditations underscore our proficiency in servicing and repairing these crucial components. Moreover, our certification in handling overhead crane repair and load testing showcases our comprehensive capabilities.


4. Partnering for Long-Term Success:


At B+M Industrial, we value long-term relationships with our clients. Successful partnerships are built on trust, transparency, and consistently delivering quality products and services. Our focus on quality enables us to forge lasting connections with manufacturing and more industries. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs, provide tailored solutions, and support them in achieving operational goals.


5. Continuous Improvement:


In a rapidly evolving world, staying at the forefront of technological advancements is essential. We embrace innovation and invest in research and development to enhance our capabilities and stay ahead of the curve. We ensure that our clients benefit from the latest industry trends and cutting-edge solutions by continuously improving our processes, leveraging emerging technologies, and fostering a learning culture.


At B+M, quality is our commitment and a way of life. Our dedication to superior products and services sets us apart in the motor repair industry and beyond. We understand the importance of reliability, precision, compliance, and consistency. We empower enterprises to operate efficiently, minimize downtime, and achieve their objectives by upholding our core quality values. When you choose B+M Industrial you select a trusted partner passionate about delivering excellence and exceeding expectations.


Contact us today and experience the difference our commitment to quality can make for your business!