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We at B+M Industrial can help!

Our team of fabrication experts can use existing schematics or bring an idea from design through to fabrication with precision and quick turnaround. All cutting, forming, welding, and painting are done entirely in-house which makes your project or repair exact, timely, and cost-effective!




  • Fabrication is the process of shaping and assembling metal parts to create products. This process can be done through a variety of methods, including welding, machining, and stamping. Industrial fabrication is often used to create products that are too large or complex to be made through other means.
  • One common application for fabrication is the creation of custom metal parts. By using a variety of manufacturing techniques, it is possible to create nearly any type of metal part imaginable. This makes fabrication an ideal solution for businesses that need unique or specialized parts made quickly and efficiently.
  • Another advantage of fabrication is its versatility. In addition to creating custom metal parts, this process can also be used to fabricate a wide range of products, including fixtures, tools, and machinery.

The B+M Industrial Experience. 

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Our standard in providing you with the best products and services are second to none.

At B+M Industrial, we proudly hold Siemens and ABB repair certifications for VFDs and motors. In addition, we are certified to repair and load test overhead cranes.

Currently, we feature 20+ field technicians, as well as a staff of 20+ repair specialists.



We use the advanced knowledge that we have obtained over the last 74+ years to manage your project- no matter the complexities. 

At B+M Industrial, we use root cause analysis to show our customers the reason their motor failed. Our high customer return rate speaks to the quality and experience in our work.


Our experience is second to none. At B+M Industrial, we believe in our people. Some have been with us for over 50 years!