ELECTRIC Motor Repair

EASA Accreditation is the B+M Difference!

EASA stands for Electrical Apparatus Supplier Association. We at B+M Industrial are one of only 160 EASA Accredited motor shops in the United States.

We have reconditioned and rewound electric motors from across the Southwest U.S.  We pick up and deliver motors from Morenci, AZ, to Albuquerque, NM, to Odessa, TX.

Our Technicians are the most experienced in the industry. We maintain formal training programs for our employees as well as rigid documentation and testing procedures. We get it right the first time.  Experience matters.


  • Medium voltage motors are the most common type of repair work: between 100HP and 4000HP.
  • At B+M Industrial, we repair 99% of all DC motors in El Paso, Texas, USA.
  • We can VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) motors up to 8 feet in diameter with our in-house VPI tank.
  • Our test stand can test up to 4160 VAC/400 VDC and 6000 horsepower.
  • With two daily shifts in action, our skilled technicians are at your service from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, and we’re just a call away for after-hours service, available 24/7!


Large Motor Repair

When we receive a motor, we document the condition upon its arrival.  We perform a thorough inspection and root cause failure analysis.  When repairs are performed by our expert craftsmen, we meet or exceed EASA guidelines;  documenting the entire repair process.  Once the repair is completed, we test our motors to standards well above competitors’ and EASA requirements. The documented test report combined with the receiving inspection and motor repair report form a comprehensive document for each customer.   This information can easily be retrieved by serial nameplate in our database.  We have the knowledge and procedures to complete any repair.  Experience matters.



Our typical customer starts with a single repair of a motor in an emergency.  These customers quickly realize our experience and service quality.  Over time, we earn most, if not all, of the repair and service work for that customer.  We perform removal, repair, installation, laser alignment, balancing, drives, programming, and a wide range of other electromechanical services.

Our current customers include those from mining, electric and water utilities, military, pipeline, energy, and a wide range of industrial end-markets.


Our GM and Technicians are unmatched in the industry.


A/C and D/C Motors up to 4,160 VAC, 400 VDC and 6,000 HP


Crane capacity of 20,000 pounds and 16 ft hook height


8 ft diameter VPI tank and 8 ft x 8 ft curing oven


EASA Accredited. The only Accredited shop within 300 miles of El Paso, TX.

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Gary Sales

Vice President Motor Shop

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The B+M Industrial Experience. 

We Take Great Pride in Providing Our Clients with…


Our standard in providing you with the best products and services are second to none.

At B+M Industrial, we proudly hold Siemens and ABB repair certifications for VFDs and motors. In addition, we are certified to repair and load test overhead cranes.

Currently, we feature 20+ field technicians, as well as a staff of 20+ repair specialists.



We use the advanced knowledge that we have obtained over the last 74+ years to manage your project- no matter the complexities. 

At B+M Industrial, we use root cause analysis to show our customers the reason their motor failed. Our high customer return rate speaks to the quality and experience in our work.


Our experience is second to none. At B+M Industrial, we believe in our people. Some have been with us for over 50 years!


The Brands We Sell and Service
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