Inspection, certification, and repairs done correctly are critical to the safe operation of any crane. It is essential for your company to have a qualified inspector provide documentation that your crane has been examined and is safe before each use. B+M has the certifications you need!

If a problem with your crane is identified, have our expert technicians at B+M Industrial repair it the right way.


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Crane Certification

A crane certification is a credential that demonstrates that an individual has the skills and knowledge necessary to operate a crane safely. This certification can be obtained through completing an accredited training program and passing an examination. Those who hold a valid crane certification are typically able to find employment more easily, as many employers require this credential.

The test for a crane certification generally covers both written and practical components. The written portion assesses the candidate’s knowledge of topics such as safety procedures, inspection requirements, and load capacity calculations. The practical component typically requires the candidate to demonstrate their ability to safely operate a crane under various conditions.

Crane Certifications are important because:

1. They ensure that the operator has been properly trained and is qualified to operate the crane.

2. They help to prevent accidents by ensuring that the operator is aware of the potential hazards associated with operating the crane.

3. They help to improve productivity by ensuring that the operator is able to safely and efficiently operate the crane.


It is very important that cranes be inspected regularly to ensure they are safe to operate. Cranes can be dangerous if not properly maintained, so it is critical that all safety measures are taken during inspections.

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At B+M Industrial, we proudly hold Siemens and ABB repair certifications for VFDs and motors. In addition, we are certified to repair and load test overhead cranes.

Currently, we feature 20+ field technicians, as well as a staff of 20+ repair specialists.



We use the advanced knowledge that we have obtained over the last 74+ years to manage your project- no matter the complexities. 

At B+M Industrial, we use root cause analysis to show our customers the reason their motor failed. Our high customer return rate speaks to the quality and experience in our work.


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